Why Shift?

If you’re a patient struggling to understand the concussion recovery pathway and asking your self: who to see, which professional is responsible for certain decisions, when do you need to perform certain activities, why am I feeling this way, or where are these symptoms coming from? First of all, you are not alone in this recovery process and we are here to help you better understand your injury.

We at Shift Concussion Management pride ourselves in our incredible communication with not only you the patient, but also with your extended network of friends, family and community affiliates. We have regular communication with ourĀ  community based partnerships should you require a referral, and we send regular physician notes so everyone involved in your care can be on the same page.

Recovery from a concussion requires a united front. And one of the most difficult, but also incredible parts of recovering from a concussion is that it is up to you the patient. You are responsible for your own recovery, and we at Shift work our hardest to empower you and create an environment where you can get better. We at Shift Concussion Management are trained in the most recent up to date protocols for assessment and treatment, and we can identify where you need help. We then educate you on the WHY of everything we have assessed. As a patient, better understanding why you have to perform certain exercises, or why provoking your symptoms is appropriate sometimes is essential for you to buy-in to the treatment process and recover from your concussion.

At Shift Concussion Management, we collaborate and apply a patient- centred approach to each case. By including multiple health professionals, we ensure that all areas of your care are covered and the risk of missing a component of recovery is minimized. While you may work with multiple health professionals throughout your treatment at Shift, what remains consistent is that all care is centred on you, and how your recovery will look. We engage with our patients and encourage them to work hard and make decisions with us, not simply accepting everything we say.

The concussion landscape is very difficult to navigate and while there is a lot of great information available to everyone, sometimes what becomes lost in translation is how to apply new knowledge. Come to Shift Concussion Management and let us help you find the answers to your questions and make this recovery easier for you.

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