Our most common care option, where all contact between yourself and your leading concussion provider is in person at our clinical site in Guelph. This includes hands-on assessment and follow-up treatment visits. In-person treatment allows our practitioners to pick up on body language and establish rapport with face to face meetings as well as in some cases, evaluate the physical features of your injury more extensively compared with virtual assessment options.

In- Person treatment sessions allow you access to our functional gym space as well as private practitioners' office spaces for one-on-one treatment sessions. 

What to Expect?

In your first 60-minute assessment, you can expect to receive education regarding your injury, as well as specific and individual strategies to help manage your symptoms. Subsequent treatment sessions may include a variety of hands-on and functional approaches to rehab. Your plan of care is likely to include a multidisciplinary approach where treatment is delivered by two or more members of our team depending on the nature of your injury.  

Make the Shift

Schedule a visit and come see why you should SHIFT your thinking about rehabilitation.