Our Staff

Scott Haller, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, AC, RMT


Since earning his degree in Osteopathic Manipulation at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and Holistic Health Science in 2004, Scott has earned a reputation in his field that is second to none. Early in his career, Scott joined the medical rehabilitation staff of both the NHL's Edmonton Oilers and their affiliate team, the Hamilton Bulldogs - an experience that has paved the way for a successful and fulfilling career in sports injury management.

Scott has always been extremely passionate about delivering the highest quality of care to his patients – particularly those suffering from concussion and post concussion syndrome. It is that same passion that inspired him to develop The Shift Concussion Management Program – an education and training platform providing Healthcare Practitioners globally with evidence-informed concussion assessment and rehabilitation strategies for patients suffering from mild traumatic brain injury.

Scott has received diverse training and mentoring over the course of his career. He is certified in vestibular assessment and therapeutic techniques out of Atlanta, Georgia, has spent time shadowing in Pittsburgh, PA under internationally renowned Neuropsychologist Dr. Michael “Micky” Collins, and has significant experience with numerous treatment techniques from generalized osteopathic treatment, craniosacral therapy, and acupuncture.

In addition to balancing a busy schedule at his Guelph concussion clinic, Scott lends his time speaking to sports organizations, hospitals, schools, and medical clinics throughout the province on the topic of concussion management.

During his free time (when there is some) he can be found cheering his daughter on during her hockey games, whipping up a chef worthy dish, or heading up north to be in the "land of no-cell service".

Kailin Walter, BSc(Hons), DC


Kailin completed her Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph in 2006. After receiving treatment for numerous sports injuries suffered in competition, she was inspired to pursue her Doctorate of Chiropractic (DC) at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. She graduated with top honours, and completed additional certifications in Graston Technique ® (an instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy treatment method), and Contemporary Medical Acupuncture (McMaster University). Kailin subscribes to an interdisciplinary model of healthcare, and integrates the latest evidence based practices into her therapeutic approach.

Kailin has been instrumental in the development and delivery of the Shift Concussion Management Program in Ontario, and serves as a clinician and instructor alongside President, Scott Haller. She has undergone significant training in concussion rehabilitation concepts with particular emphasis in the area of vestibulo-ocular disorders in post-concussion syndrome. She has lectured at numerous concussion seminars with Shift Concussion throughout Canada and strives to continually stay abreast of the research in the field. Her patient-centered and evidence-based approach to clinical practice is highly regarded at Shift Concussion Management amongst patients and staff.

Kailin is considered the go-to for most things in the clinic, be it Shift related or otherwise. She has a wealth of knowledge on just about everything but we all get to benefit from the educational atmosphere she provides.

She is a woman of many talents including being a women's softball pro, a superhuman mother of two boys and amateur cake designer!

Jenna Copeland, BA(Hons) Psych, MScOT


Jenna’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Guelph and a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Queen’s University. Jenna has over 10 years of experience working as a Registered Occupational Therapist in the medical and rehabilitation field in Ontario and British Columbia.

With training in both Occupational Therapy and Psychotherapy, Jenna uses a client-centred and holistic approach to work collaboratively with individuals to support them in achieving their meaningful goals. She offers a unique functional/practical approach to psychotherapy. Jenna has training in evidence-based modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, and Behavioural Activation, and primarily uses these tools with clients to support them in achieving their goals.

She has a particular passion for working with individuals who are experiencing new disabilities/injuries, chronic pain and health conditions, acquired and traumatic brain injuries (including concussion, post-concussion syndrome, moderate TBI), ADHD/ADD, anxiety (GAD, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder), and depression. As an Occupational Therapist, Jenna has expertise in cognitive rehabilitation and offers individualized evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation programs to compensate for or restore cognitive functioning (i.e., in the areas of attention, memory, executive functioning skills).

When Jenna is not in the clinic, she is probably reading, taking a yoga class or exploring the outdoors with her family.

Jenna offers both Occupational Therapy and Psychotherapy services under her Occupational Therapy License. At the present time, she is offering virtual sessions only. In the future, she plans to resume in-person sessions at the Shift Concussion Management Clinic in Guelph.

Keira Stroyan, BA(Kin), MSc.,PT


While some little girls dream about being a princess when they grow up, Keira envisioned herself as a Physiotherapist. This was only magnified when playing women's fastball and completing competitive dance. Keira quickly understood the importance of treating and preventing injuries from a personal level which led her to complete her Master of Science degree in Physiotherapy at McMaster University, and previously a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Kinesiology at Brock University. Keira's drive to help others coupled with her passion for sports and athletics has built the foundation for her career here at Shift.

With a strong passion for her field, Keira has always been devoted to continuing education and honing in her treatment techniques. She has completed both Introductory and Advanced Level Training through internationally recognized Vestibular Therapist, Bernard Tonks, and has completed the Shift Concussion Management training program, implementing the program at its highest level alongside the rest of the Shift team. Recently, Keira has also branched out and completed additional training in women's pelvic health. Her treatment plans incorporate a combination of hands-on techniques, education and exercise prescription to reduce pain and optimize function specifically for those suffering from post concussion syndrome as well as orthopaedic and pelvic related symptoms. 

Keira believes her role is to work with her patients to create a treatment plan that is specific to each individual's needs, goals and lifestyle. Her goal is to maximize recovery in order to return her patients to their favourite sport, hobby or occupation as quickly as possible. Keira has an unmatched quality of getting her patients to laugh and enjoy themselves, even when their every instincts suggests they should be doing the opposite. 

Outside of the office, Keira can be found doing hill sprints (no pesky gym fees for her), creating the latest in all natural cleaning products, volunteering at a church event, or spending time with her family.

Danielle Benison, MPT, B.Sc.HK


For as long as she can remember, Danielle has been interested in the many capabilities of the human body and always dreamed of a career in rehabilitation. She ultimately followed this calling to Perth, Western Australia where she obtained her Master of Physiotherapy degree from Curtin University. She also holds an Honours degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph.

Through her studies and work experience in the filed, Danielle's passion for neurorehabilitation, and more specifically concussion and vestibular rehabilitation, continued to grow and has gained momentum with continuing education courses. Most recently, these have included the Introductory and Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation courses with Certified Vestibular Physiotherapist Bernard Tonks. She also has extensive experience in assessing and treating orthopaedic and sports injuries.

Danielle believes there is great benefit to the individual who plays an active role in their recovery, and works alongside her patients to ensure their functional goals are met so that they can return to their best level of activity. 

Outside of work, Danielle can be found enjoying the outdoors, whether it be paddling, hiking or cycling.

Michael Robinson, RMT

When individuals experience aches and pains their quality of life can also suffer. Michael’s passion is in helping turn people to that higher quality of living. He aids his clients (including adults of all ages, children and families) to their pain-free lifestyles.

He understands that no single approach is the right one for every individual and so he’s trained in a range of modalities such as Neurofunctional (contemporary) Acupuncture (McMaster University) and Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger Institute).

His clinical background includes not only treating soft tissue conditions (strains and sprains), headaches, migraines, and stress, but also assisting those undergoing oncology, addictions and mental health treatments. Michael has been in professional practice since 2005.

Aside from his manual therapy skills, Michael has the unparalleled ability to make award winning vegan baked goods and curries (a staff favourite). He can often be found in Toronto or Hamilton, checking out new music or trying new eateries with his son.

Andrea Halladay


A familiar face in the customer service industry of Guelph, Andrea comes from 19 years in the dental field and decided to make the career change to rehabilitation. With years of Administrative experience, Andrea has quickly become a versatile member of our team.

As a local to Guelph she is a familiar face to many and a welcoming presence when patients enter our facility. Andrea has several amazing talents including making motor vehicle billing look like child's-play, finding an organized spot for every clinic item and making the office feel as welcoming as your own home.

Outside of the clinic, Andrea can be found heading to her sons ball hockey games, watching her daughters dance recitals or out for a walk with their family dog Rocky.