Shift Concussion Management has gone virtual! In light of COVID- 19 and a general international shift to online healthcare delivery options, we are now offering virtual rehabilitation appointments.

What to Expect?

In your first 60-minute virtual assessment, you can expect to receive education regarding your injury, as well as specific and individual strategies to help manage your symptoms. In subsequent sessions you will be prescribed specific exercises that are catered to help improve functional performance, reduce symptoms and speed recovery. Whether you have been struggling with increased anxiety, constant headaches or trouble returning to exercise, Shift has you covered.

We have structured this options to cater to your individual comfort level. We know that locally, clinics may not be available to you. Additionally, you may not have the means to travel to see us. This is our way of meeting you where you are at! Whether we meet virtually, in person or both, our trusted providers are ready to help you take the first step in your concussion recovery.

Go Virtual

Contact us to see why you should SHIFT your thinking about virtual rehabilitation.