VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessments™

Every brain is unique and requires a customized approach for treatment. Shift uses VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessments™ to provide targeted treatment recommendations specific to your needs, and to track your recovery.


Well Informed Treatment For Your Brain Health

1. Neuromarkers show how your brain is performing.

Cognitive Health Assessments™ combine imaging and functional tests, drawing on strengths from the most trusted brain assessments used clinically today. The breakthrough EEG-based neurotechnology measures neuromarkers, so we can see how your brain is performing.

2. Reliable measurement on all core brain functions.

The health of your cognitive function is needed to complete daily activities, and affects your overall quality of life. Get data to pinpoint which core functions are performing below healthy levels to treat your mental abilities, like memory, attention and concentration.

3. Know what works best for you.

Using the data in your report, we can provide targeted treatment recommendations specific to your needs, track your performance, and ultimately accelerate treatment. The data differentiates between true cognitive decline and perceived decline due to symptoms you may be experiencing caused by situational factors, such as stress, general fatigue or mood. This differentiation is important to ensure you get appropriate care for your needs.

4. Fast and Reliable Results

Contact us today to book your appointment. The assessment takes 30-minutes to complete, and your results are available within 2 days.

5. Insurance & Flexible Payment Options

There are a number of coverage options you may use to pay for your Cognitive Health Assessment™ such as:
● extended benefits
● health spending accounts
● motor vehicle accident insurance
● workplace insurance

If you are not eligible for full or partial coverage, you can also pay privately:
● At time of assessment
● Through Medicard - a financing option with flexible payment terms

Reasons for a Cognitive Health Assessment

Common Injuries or Factors That Can Affect Brain Health

● Concussion (Sports, Car Accidents, Slip and Falls)
● COVID-19 neurological effects
● Traumatic brain injury
● Anoxic brain injury
● Stroke
● Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
● Mood disorders
● Substance abuse
● Effects of aging
● Alzheimers
● Dementia
● Neurodegenerative disorders
● General cognitive health check-up


At Shift we can help you make informed decisions about your brain health.