Following your initial assessment, subsequent treatment will be extremely unique and tailored to your particular symptom presentation. No two treatment programs are the same. Treatments may involve a combination of both hands on sessions as well as functional exercises. Your rehab will be tailored around vestibular- ocular, cervical & autonomic involvement. During your subsequent sessions you may have a dedicated health care team to help you composed of both your primary provider (physiotherapist, osteopathic manual practitioner, chiropractor) as well as  Kinesiologist.

Our Kinesiologists are trained through our extensive educational platform that utilizes an evidence based approach to minimize your symptom burden. For more information regarding what your treatment may look like, contact us today!


Exertion Testing

The decision behind returning to daily activity after concussion, whether that be returning to school, work or sport, is one of the most difficult decisions a clinician has to make. Here at SHIFT we have one thing in mind: safety. For this reason, exertion testing has an important role in evaluating symptoms prior to returning to daily activity, particularly sport.

One of the most unique aspects of our concussion management program is our exertional testing. Exertion testing is the last phase of your treatment plan, and is designed to test your physical limits to ensure that you will be able to meet the demands of your sport (or other activities in your life). It also ensures that your symptoms won’t relapse when your body is put under added physical and cognitive stress.

Typically, as long as symptoms do not arise during testing, or for 24 hours following, and all other clinical assessment measures are normal, you will be discharged from the program. Athletes returning to sport must obtain clearance from their Physician first. Your Shift provider will communicate your testing results with your Physician.

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